About Us

     Our Company began over 23 years ago as a family run, small business.  We started out in College as a humble Home Repair and House Painting company with the intention to help subsidize the cost of tuition for college.  As our knowledge in business grew, so did our sales.  We always strive to give our customers the best product or service for the best price, which gave us an edge on our competition because we always deliver on our promises.

Fast forward to the year 1999, I met and later married, my Wife and Business Partner while teaching English as a Second Language in her native country of Venezuela. In the year 2000 we returned to the US. I continued working with my business and she started a Commercial Cleaning Service shortly thereafter. We were a team from the moment she arrived to the US. Her division ended up being the larger of the two and she earned the title of President and CEO when we incorporated in 2008. So both literally and figuratively, my wife is my boss!  Throughout the two businesses, we have gained extensive training in Customer Service and Business Management.

When we began in the Cleaning Industry, I noticed that there weren’t many quality Janitorial Supply companies in our area. Since these products were vital to our daily business, we approached our clients about supplying their Office and Janitorial needs. This led to us supplying all of our customer’s consumable items and marked the beginning of our Supply Division.
Many years later, on one of our daily walks along the Lake Ontario shoreline, we peered across the great lake to see the wondrous city of Toronto.  We talked about the challenges of living in a Big City or even in a Very Rural area.  In specific, the inability to attain the products you want and love due to not having easy access to them because of where you live.  The comment my wife made was, “What if we could sell and ship commonly used items to those who don’t have easy access to the big box stores or for those who prefer to live life rather than waist time shopping.”  My reply was simple, “That would be Big Time!”  And that, my friends, is where the idea for Big Time Supply was born.

We were prepared to use our knowledge gained from our experience in the Janitorial Supply division of our company in creating an Online Store that sells a variety of items.  We are now working with a wide variety of Manufacturers that encompass many different types of products as well as having successfully launched six of our own brand name products.
Customer service is our number one priority.   We provide fast, and quality shipping on all of our products and you can expect us to follow up on every single order to ensure you are a satisfied patron of Big Time Supply.


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